3 Quick Tips For Podcasters on the Clubhouse app

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The Clubhouse app is the uber-popular, audio-based social media app. Some have described it as a 24/7 virtual panel where you can sit in and even participate in the live audio of other creatives, industry professionals, and even celebrities.

Clubhouse can be a fantastic discovery tool for podcasters. It feels like the 2021 version of talk radio. The app is so new people are still figuring out the best way to use it, but I see a major opportunity to use it as a growth tool.

Here are 3 intentional ways to use this platform to build community.

1. Expand Your Reach

One of the best ways to grow your audience is to leverage someone else’s audience and expand your reach by being a guest on another podcast. Use your opportunity on stage to talk about how you’re seeking opportunities to be a guest on another podcast. Conversely, you can also find pod guests on Clubhouse. Join the rooms that align with your podcast subject and engage to find people to collaborate with. If you don’t raise your hand and speak, look around the room and click on people’s bios and see who’s hanging out, then introduce yourself on Instagram.

2. Share Value

Drop into rooms that align with your podcast and add value to the room. Hop on stage and answer questions, build value, share tips, tricks and your story. You are essentially doing a podcast by keeping the conversation going on Clubhouse.

3. Talk The Talk

If you haven’t launched your podcast or you are an introvert, you can work on your public speaking skills while chatting on the app. If you already have a podcast, you can get on stage and work your podcast description into a comment. Your description is your elevator pitch where you can attract targeted listeners in front of a live audience. It’s a podcaster’s calling card. Before you ask your question, always give a very short, one sentence description that includes your name and your podcast name.

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Right now is a very special time for Clubhouse since it’s in private beta, so hop into rooms and raise your hand to participate in live podcast-style conversations, panel discussions and networking opportunities. Don’t forget to beef up your bio. Make sure it says exactly what you and your podcast are about. Feel free to add some personality and unique flair and don’t forget to link to your podcast IG account.

If you’re on the Clubhouse app let’s connect I’m @SuzyChase 👋

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Podcasting Pioneer | Podcast Coach | Kansan in NYC | www.SuzyChase.com

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